Tuesday 8 September 1964 on Southern

  1. A great piece gentlemen! (But we’d expect nothing else!)
    Thank you.

    ‘The Unknown’ (10.5)… Strangely, I was talking last night to a member of the Norfolk hospital radio station in King’s Lynn that I volunteer at on Friday evenings. She is ‘ex-Anglia’ and is working on a ‘regional faces’ type audio programme for the station and has already contacted her old friend, Helen McDermott (Anglia in vision continuity) for an interview. She remembers Dick Joice, executive producer of ‘The Unknown’ and of course, presenter of ‘Bygones’ that had a 20 year run on Anglia. Dick died in 1999.

    It’s a small world.

  2. Amusing that TV Times on “My Three Sons” lists the role of the Douglas family dog Tramp as being played by his trainer, Frank Inn (who includes among the many animals for films and television “Green Acres”‘ Arnold the pig.

  3. The choice of American comedies to show between the regions can be quite singular; Southern for example was the only one to buy a few episodes of ‘Leave it to Beaver’ which it showed in 1962 during children’s television when most of the others were showing Fireball XL5 for the first time.

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